About Us

My name is Melissa-Lee Putland founder of Wellness Sanctum and lover of all things Yoga, Meditation, Herbal Tea and Natural Remedies!

I created Wellness Sanctum with the hope of not only providing trusted natural and organic products from companies with a passion like mine in all things natural and holistic but with the hope of forming a community for people to indulge in their love of spiritual connection (not only with themselves but with others) and their passion of living a more natural way of life. I have had a growing interest in how my family and I nourish our bodies, from what foods we eat, what skin care we use and how we treat illness, injury and even stress. As time goes on and more and more information becomes available, I personally have found that natural is always best where possible and self care is of the utmost importance.

After working many years in the beauty industry I am well aware of the nasties that are in some of the leading brands of cosmetics and skin care. This is something that I find to be a very scary concept, as our skin is basically one big sponge, absorbing everything we apply on to it into our system. Not only were chemicals being absorbed through our skin but they were being digested though certain foods that we eat and certain medications (although understandably some meds are unavoidable). This thought gave me the drive to ensure my family and the people around me were able to live as naturally as we could.

Wellness Sanctum will ensure you are provided with top quality products and support is given to you when you need it. We try to source most of our products here in Australia keeping our Australian businesses alive and thriving.

All questions/queries are welcome and we encourage everyone to become a part of our Wellness Sanctum community via our Membership!

We thank you in advance for all of your support.


Wellness Sanctum. xx