The run down on natural deodorant

Natural Deodorant: What You Should Know

Ever wondered if there’s such a thing as effective, sweet-smelling deodorant that isn’t packed with chemicals and other nasty ingredients? Great news – natural, safe deodorant is a thing, and it’ll keep you fresh for hours!

Here’s everything you need to know about natural deodorant and why you should add it to your shopping list.

Why natural deodorant is a great choice

Natural deodorants control the bacteria that causes sweat to stink without blocking your sweat ducts. The bacteria control can last after you’ve taken the deodorant off, too.

What’s more, many natural deodorants are organic and vegan-friendly, like this coconut oil infused roll-on, or this lavender deodorant stick. With natural deodorant, you’ll stay fresh and minimise your impact on the environment at the same time – what a great result!

Deodorant ingredients to avoid

Some ingredients in chemical deodorants have been linked to developmental and reproductive problems, and even cancer according to medical reports. When choosing a deodorant, you’ll want to avoid these ingredients:

  • Parabens – may be linked to breast cancer
  • Aluminium – blocks underarm sweat ducts which leads to build-up
  • Triclosan – is linked to hormone disruption
  • Phthalates – like Triclosan, it’s linked to hormone interference
  • Some fragrances – chemical deodorants often include perfume that’s made up of parabens and other undesirable ingredients

The best way to get a reliable and effective deodorant without the chemical worries? Choose a natural deodorant!

Why natural deodorant is effective

Natural deodorants are designed to keep you smelling fresh. Because there’s no aluminium or other harsh ingredients, they let your body sweat like it’s designed to do, but they keep you feeling comfortable and confident without the chemical build-up you get from artificial deodorants.

The great thing about natural deodorants is that they deliver effective odour relief and dryness using ingredients we’re all familiar with. Woohoo Deodorant Paste uses baking soda to help absorb moisture, and ECO. Rose & Geranium Deodorant includes luscious scents of rose and ylang-ylang for a beautiful aroma.

The transition period

You might find that, when you first use a natural deodorant, it takes time for it to feel as effective as chemical deodorants. Don’t worry, this is temporary! Once your body releases the toxins trapped under your skin from the chemical deodorants, the natural deodorant should work as effectively, if not better, than your old chemical deodorant.

Whether you’re trying natural deodorant for the first time, or you’re looking for your new favourite natural deodorant, check out our impressive range of natural deodorants here.


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