Why you may want to consider switching to organic skin care.

                          switching to organic skin care.

Reasons for switching to organic skin care.

Thinking of switching to organic skin care but you’re still slathering chemical-filled lotions and products onto your body? Now’s the time to stop! More people are becoming aware of the harms caused by non-organic beauty products. With many featuring a litany of artificial chemicals that have no known benefits to your skin, they’re far from nourishing. At Wellness Sanctum, we’re here to explore why you should switch to organic beauty and body products.

Your hair is suffocated by plastics.

Everyday shampoos may make your hair feel squeaky clean and smell startlingly fresh, but that often comes at a cost. Modern shampoos are packed with plastics such as silicones, which starve your hair of its natural moisture. Additionally, both shampoo and conditioner may feature drying alcohols. In contrast, organic shampoos and conditioners are often brimming with botanicals that seal in shine and help your hair retain its natural moisture. Over time, they result in fewer washes and more lustrous locks.

You are what you apply.

Did you know that your skin absorbs up to 60% of what you rub into it? With that in mind, you can choose unnatural moisturisers made with synthetic ingredients or deliver doses of nutrients such as vitamin E to your skin when you choose organic products. Switching to organic beauty products also exposes your skin to more antioxidants. Those same antioxidants will guard your skin against the free radicals that result in a dull and tired appearance and that speed up the ageing process. If you complement your organic skincare routine with a nutrient rich diet, you’ll soon feel as amazing as you look.

Your bath could come with detoxing benefits.

If you love indulging in a long soak in the bath, why not upgrade your routine to include a detox? Using organic bath soaks, you can submerge yourself in the right blend of salts and minerals to draw toxins away from your body. Doing this at least once a week is an excellent way to revitalise your energy levels, leaving you feeling refreshed for the week ahead. Compared to non-organic bubble baths, bath soaks are less likely to aggravate your body’s natural bacteria. There’s a close link between bubble baths and reduced lactobacilli levels, which then increases your risk of UTIs. At Wellness Sanctum, we feature a range of organic beauty products that’ll cover you from head to toe. Whether you want to refresh your hair care routine or enjoy a more youthful look, we’ve got you covered. To ask questions about our range, get in touch via our website



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