The benefits of essential oils

Essential oils have been used around the world for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians were among the first to use essential oils or “Aromatherapy” as we call it today. They would harvest plants for their oils and use them for many purposes, such as:

  • Religious
  • Ingredients in cosmetics  
  • Medicinal 

Modern Medicine, whilst very effective can often be made with some questionable ingredients and some pretty nasty side effects. In this day and age people are becoming more aware of what they’re putting into their bodies and will often seek a more natural, holistic alternative where possible. When used correctly the use of aromatherapy is said to be a dependable and effective way to treat many ailments. Some of the many benefits of essential oils are as follows:

1. Sleep and Relaxation:

Lavender Oil – Lavender oil is renowned for its calming and anxiety reducing properties. There have been many studies suggesting Lavender can help to reduce symptoms of Depression, PTSD & PPD. Lavender oil in an aroma diffuser has been found to be very useful for those suffering from mild insomnia.

Clary Sage Oil – This Essential oil is known to act as a mild natural sedative, making it great for people who are suffering from insomnia and has shown to have positive effects on those dealing with anxiety. Clary Sage also works well for balancing hormones and alleviating symptoms of PMS.

Bergamot Oil – Bergamot Oil has a very calming effect on the body, helping to slow down breathing patterns. It can also be used as part of the treatment of high blood pressure. As with the above essential oils bergamot is also used in the treatment of anxiety and depression.


2. Relief of Inflammation:

Oils that are said to treat various types of inflammation are;

Tea Tree Oil – Tea Tree Oil is said to have amazing antibacterial and healing properties making it perfect for treating inflammation of the skin, Acne and fungal skin infections.

Thyme Oil – When used in an aroma diffuser Pure Thyme Essential Oil has been found to reduce upper respiratory inflammation.

Rosemary Oil – This pure essential oil has been proven beneficial in the treatment of conditions resulting in an inflamed scalp, Such as Dandruff.

Blending both Rosemary and Eucalyptus oil and using them in an aroma diffuser is an effective way to reduce sinus and throat inflammation.

3. Helps to Strengthen the immune system.

Any essential oils that are high in antibacterial properties will be great immunity boosters, using an Aroma diffuser is a fantastic way to get these beneficial oils into our system in a safe and effective way. Some Essential oils high in antibacterial properties are:

There has been some discussion as to whether or not it is safe for essential oils to be ingested. Now, I do feel that this is a personal choice and one that should not be made lightly. Whilst many experts have expressed their concerns against ingestion of essential oils there have been some researchers who have suggested it is fine when taken with caution and under professional guidance. My preferred way to use essential oils is through an Aroma diffuser. Not only does this leave the room smelling AMAZING but there has been many studies proving this is the most beneficial way for our bodies to absorb and put to work their many benefits. Another method I use from time to time is to apply it topically. When using this method I will blend the essential oil with a carrier oil such as coconut to dilute the potency and ensure safe application.

I use essential oil DAILY and have been singing its praises for many years. Not only are they all natural and smell heavenly but the benefits are endless. There is a mountain of information out there on essential oils and it can sometimes become overwhelming when doing research on what essential oils you want to try, for what ever reason. My suggestion to you would be if you are unsure always speak to a professional and start small. A bit of lavender and chamomile oil in the diffuser and your favourite herbal tea is a great way to unwind!




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